Obama: Social Media ‘Polarizes Society’

Obama: Social Media ‘Polarizes Society’

President Obama says that social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter are an “interesting phenomenon” in politics, particularly because they have the ability to polarize society.

During an interview on ESPN radio, Obama was asked by host Colin Cowherd about the impact of social media on the country and whether it was getting too nasty.

“Social media does have this ability to channel people’s rage and frustration and sometimes nastiness in ways that polarizes society,” Obama admitted. 

Obama added that the power of social media was “not going to put back in the bottle” because “the technology is there.”

He added that sports stars and public figures shouldn’t complain about “taking heat” but acknowledge that it was part of the job.

“Most professional athletes understand that until you win that championship there are going to be times where ‘you’re a bum’ and people are yelling at you and hollering at you,” he added.