With Visit to National Parks, Vacationers Also Get Federal Lectures on Climate Change

With Visit to National Parks, Vacationers Also Get Federal Lectures on Climate Change

Along with the beautiful natural scenery at our nation’s parks and national monuments, visitors may also get a lecture about global warming delivered by a park ranger, a report says.

A recent article at National Journal notes that, along with their travelogues on the sights, sounds and history of our national parks, US Park Rangers are increasingly assailing park visitors with tales and warnings about climate change.

Brian Ettling, a US Park Ranger who guides visitors at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, told the magazine that he often tries to “shift the conversation away from polar bears and ice caps” and then steers them to talking about saving money on their electric bills and “helping the environment.” It would seem he’s pushing the conversation away from the Crater Lake National Park, too.

National Journal reports Ettling isn’t the only US Park Ranger giving park visitors an earful about global warming. The magazine adds that, “park rangers are increasingly delivering the message that global warming is taking a toll on the iconic areas.”

This penchant to talk up the supposed dangers of global warming is not just something in which park rangers are coincidentally engaging, either. The National Park Service is actually training Rangers, who then force the issue on visitors.

“The National Park Service trains staff to talk to visitors about global warming, an initiative that has won support in the highest reaches of the administration,” National Journal reported. “Earlier this month, the White House issued a directive asking the Park Service to create a national blueprint for climate education. Park rangers won’t be required to teach climate change. But officials say the project will encourage parks to up their educational offerings.”

The magazine does note that some rangers are uncomfortable with this message, though, and are reticent to engage park visitors on the subject.

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