McCaul: Sydney Attack 'A Call To Action'

McCaul: Sydney Attack 'A Call To Action'

The hostage situation in an Australia cafe carried out by an Iranian gunman should galvanize America and her allies against the threat of Islamic extremism, House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) says.

“What we’ve witnessed in Sydney should be a call to action for the United States and all our allies who have been threatened by violent Islamist extremists,” McCaul said.

Monday, a man identified as Man Haron Monis took control of Lindt Chocolat Cafe in Sydney, taking some 17 hostages and forcing a couple of them to hold up a black flag indicative of Islamic extremism. Authorities raided the facilities 16 hours into the stand off, according to Fox News. Monis, the gunman, and two hostages were killed. 

McCaul highlighted the fact that there remain two sources of terrorism threats, those from abroad and those from within the borders of the United States and friendly nations. 

“We all face dual threats: terrorists who are seeking to enter the country to conduct attacks and from terrorists who are recruited and radicalized internally,” he said. “The United States must wage a robust effort here at home to combat violent Islamist extremism by working with local communities to intervene when we see signs of it, fighting against online Islamist propaganda, and providing ways to stop individuals lured into the ‘jihadi cool’ subculture before they act.”

McCaul went on to express gratitude for the officials who worked to bring an end to the standoff and offered his prayers to the hostages and nation of Australia.