Rahm Emanuel’s Son Physically Attacked and Robbed

AP Photo/M. Spencer Green,File
AP Photo/M. Spencer Green
Chicago, IL

The 17-year-old son of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was robbed Friday night by two unidentified men outside of the Mayor’s home. The men put him in a chokehold, struck him in the face, and stole his cell phone.

Officials say Zach Emanuel was left with a chipped tooth and a fat lip.

Emanuel’s spokeswoman, Kelley Quinn, issued a statement on the attack:

Yesterday evening Mayor Emanuel’s son Zach was assaulted in a robbery during which his phone was stolen. He sustained injuries that required medical treatment, but was able to join the family for a long planned trip. The Mayor’s focus is on his son’s well-being, and as parents, he and Amy ask that the media respect their family’s privacy at this time.

The incident underscores Chicago’s skyrocketing crime rates. According to Fox News, a Chicago Police Department Crime Summary Map seen by MyFoxChicago reveals that between November 20 and December 13, seventeen robberies occurred in the same police district as Emanuel’s home.