Man, Joseph, Proposes to Girlfriend, Mary, at Living Nativity

Joe Maurer via
Joe Maurer via


Joseph caught Mary by surprise when he proposed.

Dressed in blue-and-gray robes and portraying the biblical figure Joseph, Joe Maurer walked Kate Heinlein, dressed as Mary, into the warming center during Immanuel Lutheran Church of Frankentrost’s annual Living Nativity event.

Having portrayed the couple the year prior, Maurer and Heinlein returned jointly this year to portray the parents of Jesus once again.

The couple says their engagement — he popped the question during a break from the Living Nativity — sums up the spirit of this season in a word: Love.

With more than 3,000 visitors meandering by, they sat side by side inside the stable.

Unbeknownst to Heinlein, Maurer had a surprise in store. In front of the couple’s families inside the warming station, Maurer drew Heinlein close, spoke for a few moments and then dropped to one knee, ring in hand.

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