2016: Iowa Voters Receive Christmas Cards from Potential GOP POTUS Candidates


At least five potential 2016 GOP presidential candidates sent Christmas greetings to Iowans just over a year before Iowa’s first-in-the-nation nominating caucuses.

According to a Des Moines Register report, Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio sent various greetings and Christmas cards to potential caucus-goers.

Mitt Romney’s reportedly featured his large family, including his many grandchildren. For his greeting, Cruz also featured his family and reportedly chose Psalm 13:5: “But I have trusted in your loving kindness: My heart shall rejoice in your salvation.”

With so many candidates expected to run in 2016, Iowa’s caucuses will be important once again in narrowing the field. Potential candidates like Cruz will be well-positioned to appeal to the state’s conservative and Evangelical voters who dominate the caucuses.