Jeb Bush Resigns from Rayonier Board

AP Photo/Susan Walsh
AP Photo/Susan Walsh
washington, DC

In yet another move telegraphing his intention to run for the 2016 Republican nomination, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has resigned from the corporate board of “forest resources and real estate company Rayonier Inc. as of Dec. 31.”

Just days ago, Bush resigned from the Obamacare-linked, Tenet Healthcare.

As for Rayonier, Bush served on their board for six years.

Bush, the son of former President George H.W. Bush and brother of former President George W. Bush, announced nearly two weeks ago that he is exploring a run for president. Since then Bush has also announced he’s resigning from the boards of Tenet Healthcare and Barclays.

Rayonier spokesman Mike Bell said that after Bush announced his presidential exploration, a resignation from Bush “was not unexpected.” He first communicated the news with Rayonier CEO David Nunes both in writing and verbally, and the company filed papers with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Dec. 23, a requisite for a publicly traded company.

Based upon a previous report, Bush continues to sit on the boards of “Empower Software Solutions and CorMatrix Cardiovascular Inc. — and is chairman and manager of Britton Hill Holdings, a Florida-based private equity and business advisory group.”