Rare Snowfall Hits Arizona Desert

AP Photo/Arizona Daily Star, A.E. Araiza
AP Photo/Arizona Daily Star, A.E. Araiza

January 1 brought a rare snowfall to the Arizona desert north of Tucson.

NBC News published video footage of the snowfall, showing trees in Oracle, AZ, weighed down with heavy snow and residents making a snowman and throwing snow balls at one another.

The snow came the day after Los Angeles and Las Vegas saw snow, as well. Mail Online reported that “the system swept from California into the Mojave Desert and Nevada, bringing snow to parts of northern Arizona and New Mexico along the way.” There was even a dusting of snow around “swimming pools and cactus-lined backyards in Phoenix.”

Flagstaff expected as much as 15 inches of snow by New Year’s Day, and Interstate I-40, west of Flagstaff, was temporarily closed because of the storm.

On October 26, Breitbart News reported that 2014 was the “coolest year on record” for the U.S. As data collected by Real Science showed, atmospheric CO2 concentrations “above 350” parts per million (350 PPM CO2) have given the U.S. “four of … [its] five coolest years.”

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