‘Bring It’: Gosar Doesn’t Fear Retribution for Boehner Revolt

AFP PHOTO/Raphaelle Picard
AFP PHOTO/Raphaelle Picard
Washington, DC

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) isn’t afraid of retribution from Republican leadership for his plan to vote against electing Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) as Speaker of the House of Representatives Tuesday.

Roll Call reporter Matt Fuller quotes Gosar in a report on conservative GOP congressmen revolting against Boehner:

There are now about a dozen Republicans who have publicly stated they won’t vote for Boehner to be speaker. Those insurgents, however, aren’t quite surprises to the speaker or his staff. Many are the same Republicans who voted against him at the start of the 113th Congress.

Others who voted for Boehner last time but say they won’t this time include Marlin Stutzman of Indiana and Steve King of Iowa. And the new GOP members who say they will oppose Boehner, Dave Brat of Virginia and Gary Palmer of Alabama, aren’t exactly shockers either.

Sources said they had seen lists circulating around Capitol offices with more than 20 Republicans who plan on voting against Boehner. Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona told CQ Roll Call Monday night there’d be more than 20 Republicans voting against Boehner. Thomas Massie of Kentucky said there’d be 50, “if it weren’t for the C-SPAN cameras.”

However, Fuller’s story doesn’t include a tidbit he shared on his Twitter page—that Gosar, asked about possible retaliation for his vote, seemed to taunt the Republican establishment.