DHS Announces Enhanced Security Measures Following Paris Attacks

Jeh Johnson

In the wake of the recent violence in Paris at the hands of Islamic terrorists, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Sec. Jeh Johnson announced new enhanced security measures Monday.

“We stand with the people of France in their extraordinary display of courage and resolve following last week’s attacks,” Johnson said in a statement. “Recent world events call for increased vigilance in homeland security.”

Johnson laid out aspects of the increased security precautions, including enhanced security at government buildings, more screenings at airports, offering state and local law enforcement intelligence bulletins, and working with international partners and community organizations to counter “violent extremism.”

The DHS secretary noted that the enhanced security is a precaution, given the recent attacks.

“We have no specific, credible intelligence of an attack of the kind in Paris last week being planned by terrorist organizations in this country,” Johnson said.

“But, the reasons for these measures should be self-evident to the public: the recent attacks in Paris, Ottawa, Sydney, and elsewhere, along with the recent public calls by terrorist organizations for attacks on Western objectives, including aircraft, military personnel, and government installations and civilian personnel,” he continued.

Johnson also used the announcement as a opportunity to argue against House Republicans’ plans to defund President Obama’s executive amnesty via upcoming legislation to fund DHS.

“I urge the full Congress to pass this appropriation quickly, unburdened by any restrictions on our ability to pursue executive actions to fix our broken immigration system,” he said. “In these times, this Department cannot function on a continuing resolution much longer. There are homeland security and border security priorities that must be funded without delay.”

Overall, however, Johnson encouraged Americans to continue with their lives, but be vigilant.

“We urge Americans to continue to travel, attend public events, and freely associate with others,” he said. “However, given world events, this is a time for heightened vigilance by federal, state and local governments, critical infrastructure owners and operators, as well as the public.”