John Boehner’s Priorities, or Yours?

boehner signs up for obamacare
Washington, DC

House Speaker John Boehner’s latest biography update may leave some wondering if his priorities are in line with the average Republican voter’s:

Meet John Boehner: the 53rd Speaker of the House.

Before he was a Speaker, or a Congressman, or even a small business owner, he was the son of a barkeep.  As the second oldest of twelve and a would-be college dropout, John A. Boehner had the unlikeliest of journeys to the Speaker’s chair, and now, for the first time ever, his story is told by the people who know him best, including his wife, Debbie, his childhood friend, Jerry Vanden Eynden, and even his high school football coach, Gerry Faust.

This is the biography of John Boehner: the biggest long shot.

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Hagiography aside, some may be quick to note that Boehner’s self-professed “good start” does nothing to counter the White House’s executive amnesty.