Charlie Hebdo Cartoonists Stand Up to Islamic Terrorists

Charlie Hebdo 1/14
Charlie Hebdo/Liberation

For all of you defeatists around the world, who are afraid to stand up to the Islamic bully, take some notes from the staff at Charlie Hebdo about how to deal with radical Islam.

This Wednesday, the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo, which was attacked my Islamic terrorist last week, leaving 8 of its writers and cartoonists dead, will be releasing their first publication since the attack.

As expected, the cover of the magazine will feature none other than Mohammed, which will surely infuriate the rest of the radical Islamic world.

Team Charlie Hebdo has stuck to their beliefs and has not allowed Islamic terrorism to win by letting the terrorists intimidate them censoring themselves from writing stories or posting drawings of Mohammed.

In the cartoon, Muhammad is depicted with a with a tear streaming down his cheek, and holding a sign: “Je Suis Charlie” — “I Am Charlie.” Overhead is the phrase “Tout est pardonne”, or “All is forgiven.” French media have interpreted the latter message to mean that Muhammad is forgiving the cartoonists for lampooning him. –Fox, posting from Liberation magazine.

After the drawing was first sketched and presented to them, Charlie Hebdo employees laughed, applauded, and ironically shouted out “Allahu akbar!”