2016: Team Hillary: We Want Mitt

AP Photo/David Goldman
AP Photo/David Goldman

Hillary Clinton’s political advisers reportedly would love to face Mitt Romney in a general election.

According to the New York Daily News, Clinton confidantes would rather face Romney than former Florida Governor Jeb Bush because Romney, they believe, is “unlikely to get a second chance from the key swing group of independents who made up their minds about him just two years ago.”

“I hope he is the nominee,” a “longtime Clinton confidant” said of Romney. “We will cream him.”

After failing in two presidential campaigns, Romney has told donors that he is seriously considering a third run.

In 2012, Romney was probably the one candidate that could make President Barack Obama seem like the more populist candidate who was more in touch with American workers. And should Romney face Clinton, the consummate political insider whom even left-wing activists do not trust because of her ties to crony capitalism, Romney would probably be one of the only candidates who could possibly make Clinton seem more in touch with regular voters.

It would be a dream matchup for a candidate with as many vulnerabilities and liabilities like Clinton.