Body Cam Video Released: Shows Perp Pull Gun To Shoot Officer Dead


Body cam video from fallen Flagstaff, Arizona, Officer Tyler Stewart has now been released. It shows Stewart talking to Robert Smith–a domestic violence suspect he was questioning–for approximately 13 minutes, and ends with Smith pulling the gun with which he shot and killed Stewart.

Breitbart News previously reported that Smith shot Stewart on December 27, and Stewart later died at Flagstaff Medical Center.

Posted to Mail Online, the video shows the last minute of the 13-minute body cam video. In it Stewart is seeking details related to the domestic violence complaint. Throughout the questioning, Smith kept his hands in the pockets of his jacket. And toward the end of the video Stewart asked, “Do you mind if I just pat down your pockets real quick?”

Stewart then began by patting down the left pocket and asked, “You don’t have anything in here?” Smith responded by saying “No,” then adding, “just my smokes.” Before Stewart could transition to the other side Smith then pulled a .22 caliber gun from his right pocket and shot Stewart numerous times.

Smith then stole Stewart’s service firearm and used it to shoot and kill himself.

Flagstaff police Sergeant Margaret Bentzen said, “Officer Stewart was murdered by Smith without any provocation or warning. There were no homicidal or suicidal indications from Smith prior to the crime.”

AZ Central reports that the chain of events on December 27 began with Smith’s girlfriend calling police to report that Smith had “[torn] down curtain rods” and knocked things over after an argument over dirty dishes.

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