Middle School Teacher’s Writing Assignment Asked Students to Describe How They Would Kill Her

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Montgomery County, Maryland

A Maryland middle school English teacher assigned her students the writing task of describing how they would kill her.

According to the Washington Post, Patricia Lorenzen, a teacher at the Kingsview Middle School in Montgomery County, Maryland, assigned the task to students in four of her classes along with the instructions that their compositions must include at least three gerunds, infinitives, and participles.

Lorenzen reportedly realized her assignment was inappropriate after she received complaints from parents, so she sent an apology explaining she thought the task would “be an engaging way to review grammar concepts.”

The Post reports Kingsview principal James D’Andrea acknowledged in an email statement that the assignment to describe how to kill a teacher “absolutely should not have occurred.”

In her apology letter to parents, Lorenzen said, “Students who completed the assignment will be given full credit… and students who did not complete it will be exempted from having to do it.”