White House: Thanks To Obama, ISIS Fighters ‘Scared’ To Go Outside

UPI/Kevin Dietsch

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest disagrees with the notion that President Obama’s military campaign against Islamic State terrorists is failing. He was reacting to a Wall Street Journal story that suggests the military campaign in Iraq and Syria hadn’t had the desired effect.

Earnest asserts that the military campaign has had a “substantial impact” against ISIS, pointing out that more than 1,800 airstrikes have been launched in the two countries, killing some 1,000 ISIS fighters and destroying at least 800 vehicles.

ISIS fighters, he added, were under “intense pressure” as a result of the campaign.

“These individuals for good reason are scared to spend a whole lot of time outside, and that’s because they are facing continuing pressure from the U.S. military and from our coalition partners,” Earnest explained.

He reminded reporters that the administration isn’t finished with the military campaign against ISIS, pointing out that it is still training moderate Syrian fighters to combat some of the enemy terrorists.