Black Author and Tea Party Advocate Aims To Get Al Sharpton Fired

AP Photo/Julie Jacobson
AP Photo/Julie Jacobson

Black author, radio personality and the purveyor of conservative website TheBlackSphere Kevin Jackson told Breitbart News political analyst Matt Boyle that liberals have “succumb to the idea of color.”

Jackson pointed to the events in Ferguson as a good example of this saying that liberals “take the death of a thug and they want to call it the second civil rights movement. They want blacks to rally around this idiotic idea that this kid that tries to rob a store deserves to have all the accolades of a MLK Jr..”

The former electrical engineer and author of two political books says that he joked earlier while giving a speech at the South Carolina Tea Party Convention ,where Boyle was interviewing him for Breitbart News Sunday on Sirius XM Patriot radio, that people have gotten so politically correct that when he was asked to get a black case out of his car he asked, “Do you mean an African American case.”

Jackson respectfully chided Breitbart’s senior political writer saying that whites “are a bunch of chickens and are afraid to talk about what’s really there.” Jackson said that his speech aimed at empowering average Americans not to be fooled into “not believing what is obvious.” He suggests that people have to open up their eyes “and really wake up to what is happening in this country and how it is being destroyed by this notion of color.”

Jackson ridiculed Columbia University for allowing black students to be excused from final exams if they were traumatized by the Ferguson grand jury verdict, which  liberated white officer Darren Wilson from being indicted for the death of black Michael Brown.

“When some white guy dies, do they stop the students at Harvard and say ‘Hey guys there was a death, some white guy got hit by a tractor on a farm. Anybody need time off?’” Jackson contemplated.

Boyle asked Jackson, “How did we get to the point where the facts of the case don’t even matter anymore? How do we get from this incident [Ferguson] that happens in the summer to widespread rioting?”  Jackson said that if he were to give a “TV sound bite answer it would be: ‘that is where the money is.’ If we were to talk about the real issues and politics there would be no money in it.”

Jackson went on to say that in a debate with Huffington Post contributor, and black, liberal, TV political commentator Marc Lamont Hill, that Hill cited a statistic that a black person was killed by a police officer every twenty eight hours. Hill failed to point out, explained Jackson, that many of those killed were armed criminals. Jackson recounted that Hill wouldn’t even use the term criminal. Moreover, Hill also failed to mention, Jackson told Boyle, “that a black person is killed by another black every four hours.”

Boyle asked “What can the Tea Party do to fight back against the Al Sharpton’s and the Jesse Jackson’s of the world” who revel in race baiting and racially dividing this country? “The first thing is we have to go after them,” said the author of The Big Black Lie and Sexy Brilliance.  “We gotta go after them like Muhammad Ali went after Sonny Liston. We are not going to let them have the bully pulpit. We have to call the people who support them what they are. ‘You are supporting terrorism’ if you donate money to Sharpton, Sony, Target [companies that sponsor his show on MSNBC] or whatever, you are condoning terrorism.”

Jackson says that we have to show up at the boardrooms of Sharpton’s advertisers and say “Why are you condoning domestic terrorism?” Jackson remarked that the “good news” is that is what he plans on doing.  He is starting a campaign to get Sharpton fired for encouraging people “to incite violence and to burn down neighborhoods.”

It’s time for the Tea Party to start loving and defending its name, Jackson exhorted. The institutional Left is trying to destroy the Tea Party name. As they said in the movie Gladiator, “Before he can kill you he has to ruin your name.”