Ted Cruz: ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’ & Exec Amnesty ‘Glaringly Absent’ from SOTU


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) noticed that President Barack Obama did not even mention his executive amnesty or specifically call out “radical Islamic terrorism” during his Tuesday State of the Union address.

In an appearance on Cavuto on Fox Business, Cruz said there were “two things that were glaringly absent” from Obama’s remarks–“any reference to his illegal and unconstitutional executive amnesty” and “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Regarding Obama’s executive amnesty, Cruz said, “it’s pretty clear that the president realizes that the issue is a political loser for him.”

Speaking about the growing global terrorism threat, Cruz marveled that the words “radical Islamic terrorism” were “strikingly absent” from Obama’s speech.

“You cannot defeat terrorism with a president who’s unwilling to utter the words ‘radical islamic terrorism,'” he said.

Cruz said Obama’s speech was especially “disappointing” because Obama “doubled down” on his failed policies that Obama said was on the ballot during last year’s midterm elections. Though voters rejected more government spending and taxes that have produced the lowest labor participation rate since 1978, Obama, Cruz said, did not say one word in acknowledgement of that.

Regarding a potential 2016 run, Cruz, the conservative outsider whom the D.C. political establishment loathes because he is not willing to be co-opted by them, said that Americans are sick and tired of the political establishment on both sides of the aisle. He mentioned that the “rich and powerful” in the Obama administration have “gotten fat and happy” while working men and women are being “left in the cold.” He said 2016 presidential candidates must “fight for the hard-working men and women and not for the culture of corruption” in Washington, D.C.

He also mentioned that Republicans lose national elections “every time we follow the advice of Washington consultants” who love to push so-called “mushy middle” candidates like Gerald Ford, Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney.

“It’s not a winning strategy,” he said.

Cruz also called out the mainstream media for their shenanigans in GOP presidential primaries. The mainstream press know that voters would rather vote for a pure Democrat than a Republican who is Democrat-lite. The moderate Republican candidate also turns off the conservative base, and that is why the liberal mainstream press is happy to play along to try to get the moderate establishment candidate–who will be easier for the Democrat to defeat–nominated.

Cruz told host Neil Cavuto that the mainstream press “will praise like crazy every option they view as Democrat-lite” during the primaries only to instantly turn on the Republican once the moderate candidate is nominated.

Cruz, as he has repeatedly stressed, said the way for Republicans to win back the White House is to paint in bold colors in the mold of Ronald Reagan instead of “pale pastels” and offer Americans an optimistic, free-market based vision of America’s future that clearly contrasts with what Democrats are proposing.