Sen. Cory Booker Faults Justice System for Jailing Black Americans

AP/Mel Evans sentencing reform
AP/Mel Evans

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) is once again joining the ranks of the Al Sharptons of the world by fueling more racial division. He sent out an email this past week that blamed the criminal justice system for prosecuting black Americans.

According to Booker, the justice system is the reason so many blacks are in jail today. He even compared incarcerated criminals to slaves.

Here is an excerpt from Booker’s email:

This over-incarceration of our population in general and minorities in particular has created the tragic reality that there are now more black Americans under criminal supervision today than there were slaves in 1850. The criminal justice system is an affront to our American ideals of liberty and basic fairness.

Charles Measley, director of Garden State Liberty PAC, said of Booker’s email:

Because of the welfare state President Johnson enacted, you have the dissolution of the African American family and because of the lack of this family structure, unfortunately a large number of young African American males fall into crime to fill the void of what their family would normally fulfill. You can look at the statistics of the arrests from one of two ways: the first is from the politically charged way Cory Booker is looking at it which is looking at it in reverse determining that a large number of African American’s arrested equals racism in the justice system. The second is the collapse of the African American family structure due to the effects of the welfare state put in by President Johnson which leads to them falling into crime.