Poll: Hillary Clinton Crushes GOP Candidates

AP/Jason DeCrow
AP/Jason DeCrow

Washington Post/ABC News poll of registered voters finds Hillary Clinton leading all potential Republican presidential contenders by double digits.

The virtual matchups broke down as follows:

Hillary Clinton (55%) vs. Mitt Romney (40%)

Hillary Clinton (54%) vs. Rand Paul (41%)

Hillary Clinton (54%) vs. Jeb Bush (41%)

Hillary Clinton (53%) vs. Chris Christie (40%)

Hillary Clinton (56%) vs. Mike Huckabee (39%)

The poll also found that Bush’s father and brother being former presidents is a net negative of 25 points for Jeb.

Romney’s past presidential run is a net 14-point negative.

By contrast, Clinton’s bid as the nation’s first female presidential candidate was a 13-point net positive.

The poll was conducted with 843 registered voters Jan. 12-15, 2015, and has a 4-point margin of error.