Davos 2015: Former Mexican Pres Pushes Amnesty Bill, Claims Mexican Immigrants ‘Not Looking for a New Country’

Associated Press
Associated Press

On Thursday, Former Mexican President Felipe Calderon called for the United States to pass permanent amnesty legislation and said most Mexican immigrants are “not looking for a new country with a new family.”

Calderon made his remarks in Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum, where elites in the global permanent political class that view borders as nuisances gather annually.

He reportedly praised President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty but called for a permanent amnesty bill since “the Republican Congress could reverse (Obama’s executive action) for political revenge,” which Calderon said “would be disastrous for Mexicans living in the United States.”

In remarks that will make pro-assimilationists cringe, Calderon, according to USA Today, said that most Mexicans cross the border “looking just for opportunity for more revenue” and, “they’re not looking for a new country with a new family.” Current Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto referred to America as “the other Mexico” last year during a California visit. Though there is a record number of American workers outside of the workforce, Calderon reportedly “believes Republicans and Democrats could find common ground” on a “program to allow Mexicans to work seasonally in the U.S.” He also said that if “you provide flexibility, many Mexicans will go home.” A Pew Research survey last year found that a third of Mexicans want to move to America.