GOP Congressman Compares Obama to New England Patriots

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Washington D.C.

With seemingly everyone in the New England Patriots organization pointing fingers elsewhere and denying any knowledge about DeflateGate, one Congressman thought it would be amusing to create a little quiz asking visitors to guess “who said it,” someone from the New England Patriots or someone from the Obama Administration?

On Friday the news was filled with coaches, players, and front office folks in the New England Patriots saying that they didn’t know a thing about how those footballs lost air pressure during last Sunday’s AFC Championship game.

The whole “not me” air and the constant stream of denials, though, sounded vaguely familiar to Congressman Todd Young (R, IN). He thought something about the testimony from the various members of the Patriots sounded like something he’d heard before, only in Washington, D.C.

So, on his congressional website, he set up a quiz asking visitors to pinpoint just “who said it,” Obama or the Patriots.

“For a little Friday fun, see if you can pass our ‘Who Said It: The Obama White House or New England Patriots?’ quiz,” Young wrote.

What followed were eight statements that referred to either DeflateGate or one of the Obama administration’s many scandals.

To name just two of the eight, question one asks visitors to decide who said, “I was shocked to learn of the news reports… I had no knowledge whatsoever of this situation until Monday morning.”

Do you think it was a member of the Patriots or a member of the Obama administration?

Another of the quotes was as follows: “Other than press reports, we have no knowledge of [this].”

Was that Obama’s crew or team Patriots?

To get your answers, give the quiz a spin at Young’s website.

The similarities are striking if not somewhat infuriating.

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