Donald Trump Fires Entire 2016 GOP Field


Billionaire businessman Donald Trump is out campaigning for president in 2016. Actually, Trump has said that he is strongly considering a run in 2016, but hasn’t set a date for any kind of announcement.

So basically, Trump is really testing the waters again on whether or not he should actually pulled the trigger on a presidential campaign, or is just looking to get some more publicity.

We caught up to “The Donald” in Des Moines, Iowa, during the conservative “Iowa Freedom Summit” hosted by Citizens United and Rep. Steve King (R-IA), where Trump told us how he really felt about other possible candidates like Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, and Mitt Romney.

Unlike Jeb Bush, Trump is completely against Common Core education standards, as well as amnesty for illegal aliens. Trump’s in-your-face approach to business and politics seems to resonate with Americans, but because he flirted with a run in 2012 but didn’t pull the trigger, many Americans believe that by him saying that he is really considering a possible run for president, Trump is only seeking attention to remind Americans how successful he really is.

Trump has been critical of several potential 2016 GOP presidential nominees but quiet about some others.

Considering that Trump likes to hire and “fire” people on a regular basis, we started wondering what Trump thought of some of the possible 2016 candidates.