White House Targets California with Amnesty Tweets

Obama Executive Amnesty Tweet (White House)
White House
San Diego, CA

The White House’s official promotion of President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty policy used California as its poster child in a tweet Monday touting individual states’ “benefits” following the aggressive–and unconstitutional–move.

The tweet links to a WhiteHouse.gov webpage hosting a map that encourages visitorss to view the “benefit” of Obama’s November 20, 2014 executive order.

The example given in a cheery image heralds “Greetings From California,” and asserts that California will benefit from Obama’s executive amnesty, citing the President’s Council of Economic Advisers. It specifies alleged benefits for California of a stronger economy, a boost in productivity, and a rise in wages for U.S.-born citizens.

Some Democrats have joined Republicans in expressing concerns over Obama’s executive action–which he himself previously said he had no power to enact–and conservative leaders in Congress have been working to reverse it–an effort strengthened now that Republicans control both houses of Congress.

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