Marco Rubio’s Wife Involved In ‘Fender-Bender’


Marco Rubio’s wife, Jeanette, is said to have “crashed” the senator’s Ford F-150 truck this past weekend on Miami Beach.

The incident occurred just as Mrs. Rubio dropped off her husband at his annual Reclaim America PAC retreat at the Delano Hotel, and not on an early morning arepa con queso run to Latin American Cafeteria, as some would think.

Marc Caputo of the Miami Herald, noted how media outlets posted that Mrs. Rubio “crashed” the oversized truck into a Porsche.

The truth is, Mrs. Rubio only scuffed the Porsche as she attempted to squeeze out of the narrow hotel driveway. If any of you have been to the Delano Hotel, you know that there is hardly any room to maneuver a vehicle in the hotel’s “semi-circle” drop off area, let alone Rubio’s white “Monster Truck.”

This truck is so big that you can easily be confused with a Royal Carribean Cruise ship.

Because the truck is so long, it is easy to clip or sideswipe anything. When trying to drive out of cramped quarters like this, you are relying on the side view mirrors to guide you through.

Most side view mirrors state a clear warning to all drivers: “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.”

This was most likely the case with Mrs. Rubio, because it is hard for anyone to gauge if he or she has cleared any obstacle before turning the stirring wheel in any direction.

How do I know this?

I had the same truck for 3 years, and I had “sideswiped” my share of barricades, metal polls, valet signs, trees, shrubs, you name it, I grazed them.

The incident was reported to the Miami Beach Police Department by an irate valet attendant who publically disrespected Mrs. Rubio by yelling at her for scuffing the car.

According to a witness to the incident, hotel management came out and apologized to Mrs. Rubio for the valet’s behavior, but still had to report the incident for liability reasons.

Like the police stated, to call this a fender-bender is a stretch. There was no denting of the fender or bumper, just a scuff or scrape.