Obama: Executive Amnesty Smarter, Fairer, Safer, Right and Lawful

AFP PHOTO / The White House / Pete Souza
AFP PHOTO / The White House / Pete Souza
Washington, DC

At the Department of Homeland Security today, President Obama defended his executive actions on immigration and warned Republicans not to let funding expire for the department.

Obama asserted that his decision to defer deportation for millions of illegal immigrants was “smarter, fairer, and safe.”

“I’m confident that what we are doing is the right thing, and the lawful thing. I understand they may have some disagreements with me on that,” he said, pointing out that a percentage of Republicans in Congress actually supported the idea of immigration reform.

Obama warned Republicans against letting funding expire for the agency, reminding employees that it would be the “end of the paycheck” for hundreds of thousands of government employees.

“These Americans aren’t just working to keep us safe, they have to take care of their own families,” he said. “The notion that they would get caught up in a disagreement around policy that has nothing to do with them makes no sense.”

Obama has vowed to veto legislation funding the agency if it includes any attempt to defund his controversial executive action on immigration reform.