Wealthy Vaccine Critics Support Hillary Clinton for President

Eric Gay / Associated Press

News is emerging that wealthy Hillary Clinton donors Albert and Claire Dwoskin are also critics of vaccination.

The Dwoskins “fund a multimillion-dollar family foundation that has publicly tied the use of vaccines to a rise in autism” and is dedicated to correcting “gaps in the knowledge about the biological and genetic risk factors for vaccine induced brain and immune dysfunction.”

According to The Daily Beast, the Dwoskin family’s unpaid assistant Kellie Boyle said the couple is not “anti-vaccine.” She said they had vaccinated their own children yet remain committed to “researching the causes of disorders such as autism and Alzheimer’s disease.”

Boyle said: “When things are complex, or when things are political, let’s go ahead and chalk a label — that you’re black and white and there’s not anything in between. I think [the Dwoskins] have been caught in that.”

Nevertheless, the website for the Dwoskin’s foundation points to an increase in autism diagnosis and says, “The reason for this increase may be linked to certain ingredients found in vaccines, specifically aluminium formulated vaccines.” It should be noted that people who grew up drinking sodas out of a glass bottles will sometimes suggest that aluminum cans cause Alzheimer’s.

Albert Dwoskin gave $10,000 to Ready for Hillary in 2013, the funding body that was “Clinton’s campaign in waiting.” He and his wife “have given thousands of dollars [to] both Clintons…since the 1990s.”

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