Democrats Co-Sponsor Bill to Repeal Colorado Gun Control

AP Photo/Robert Ray
AP Photo/Robert Ray

Three Democratic state senators have joined as co-sponsors on a Republican bill to repeal Colorado’s “high capacity” magazine ban.

State senators Chris Holbert (R-Parker) and John Cooke (R-Greeley) initially put SB 175 forward. As a sheriff, Cooke made headlines in 2013 with his opposition to proposed gun control measures. Upon its passage, he ran for office to work for its repeal.

A house version of the bill was put forth by Rep. Steve Humphrey (R-Severance).

According to the Denver Post, senators Kerry Donovan (D-Vail), Cheri Jahn (D-Wheat Ridge), and Leroy Garcia (D-Pueblo) all signed onto SB-175. Representative Ed Vigil (D-Fort Garland) has signed onto the house version of the bill.

The “high capacity” magazine ban outlaws the sale of any magazine holding more than 15 rounds in the state of Colorado. Magpul Industries, a firearm magazine maker that was based in Colorado, left the state and took the $85 million they generate annually with them once the law was passed.

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