New Mexico Dems Invoke Holocaust, Segregation Against Opponents of Driver’s Licenses for Illegals

New Mexico Immigration Rally AP
Associated Press

New Mexico Democrats have invoked the Holocaust and segregation against opponents of driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants.

As the Albuquerque Journal noted, a proposal to repeal a state law that grants driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants made it out of the House Safety and Civil Affairs Committee by a 5-4 vote. The outlet predicted that “the Republican-controlled House is expected to pass the measure, but its fate remains unclear in the Democratic-controlled Senate.” New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez (R) has said on numerous occasions that she would sign the repeal measure it if passes both chambers.

According to KOAT7 Albuquerque, Democrat Patricia Roybal Caballero, a state Rep., reportedly said during a committee hearing, “This reminds me of the stories we heard about the Holocaust. My Goodness.” She reportedly issued an apology on Friday, saying, “I regret my reference to the Holocaust made during a committee debate. I apologize to anyone who was hurt by my comments.”

Sheryl Williams Stapleton (D), another state Rep., reportedly said those opposed to driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants are “taking us back… where the black little kid couldn’t go in the same bathroom as the white child.”

Activists in favor of granting licenses to illegal immigrants staged an “Immigrant Day of Action March and Protest” outside of the New Mexico state Capital last week, according to the Journal.