Michelle Obama: If You Don’t Like Government, Stay Healthy

First lady Michelle Obama stands with White House Senior Policy Adviser for Nutrition Policy Sam Kass. The food czar was snubbed from speaking at the School Nutrition Association's convention in Boston.
Charles Dharapak/AP

If you are not happy with government interference in your life, First Lady Michelle Obama has some advice for you: Stay healthy.

In an interview with Cooking Light magazine, the First Lady pointed out that her “Let’s Move!” effort was in tune with President Obama’s policy goals, particularly the idea that people should “feed their bodies good nutritious food” to stay healthy.

Staying healthy, she indicated, was one way to maintain one’s political independence.

“If you don’t like the doctor, if you don’t like government, if you don’t like folks messing with your life, the best thing to do is make sure you’re healthy,” she said. “Because that’s going to increase your odds for making sure that you don’t have to deal with the system.”

Obama pointed out that between her and her husband, they were saving Americans “billions.”

“I’ve always found that the work that we’re doing with Let’s Move! is completely in accord with what my husband’s goals are for improving the overall health of our country and saving us as a nation billions of dollars every single year,” she said. “All these initiatives are going to save us money. They’re going to make us feel better. They’re going to put us in a position to be more productive as a society.