Read Jeb Bush Emails With Us, Find Best Ones—and Win ‘Acts of Love’ Prizes!


Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush today released hundreds of thousands of pages of internal, previously private emails from his administration as Florida’s chief executive.

Since the sheer number of emails is immense, Breitbart News is asking our trusted readers to help us sift through them alongside efforts by our investigative reporters.

There’s no better way for you to be involved in the process than to be help us do investigative reporting on the politicians. In the process, if you win (a completely subjective scoring process) you can get some free swag. We’re calling the prizes “Acts of Love,” in honor of Bush’s publicly stated belief that illegal aliens crossing the U.S. border illegally are undertaking an “act of love.”

So find us the most controversial, interesting, compelling emails in this document dump. Take those emails (and make sure you tell us where they are throughout the cache of documents and how to find them in there) and then email them to

Some of the submissions may turn into huge stories. Some of them may not. But we will take the time to read everyone’s findings.

For those who submit, the best submissions (by our editors’ judgment, which is completely subjective) will receive an “Acts of Love” prize.

Some of the prizes include: a Mark Twain non-Common Core compliant book set, a Breitbart coffee mug and a 100 percent wearable T-shirt.

As Andrew Breitbart always believed, it’s citizen journalists and grassroots activists that make the biggest difference in the political process. Go dig!