White House Defends Obama’s Use Of The Word ‘Random’ To Describe Terror

AP Photo/Jim Hollander, Pool
AP Photo/Jim Hollander, Pool

What was President Obama thinking when he described the terrorist attacks in Paris – including shootings at a Jewish deli – as “random” during an interview with Vox News?

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest explained that President Obama was using the adverb “random” to describe the people involved in the attack, not the motivation of the terrorists.

“The adverb that the president chose was used to indicate that the individuals who were killed in that terrible tragic incident were killed not because of who they were, but because where they randomly happened to be,” Earnest explained. “These individuals were not targeted by name.”

ABC News reporter Jon Karl pressed Earnest further, pointing out that the victims were targeted for their religion.

“Jon, there were people other than just Jews who were in that deli,” Earnest said.

Earnest’s remarks caught the attention of Congressional Republicans, who have been defending their invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to address Congress.

“Refusing to admit that the Kosher deli in Paris was specifically targeted because it is a gathering place for Jews is just one reason why many people don’t trust the Obama administration when it comes to defending Israel,” noted a Republican leadership aide in an email to Breitbart News.