Boehner Camp Denies Jeb Recruiting Pro Amnesty Czar Becky Tallent


Monday Breitbart News reported that House Speaker John Boehner relies heavily on adviser Becky Tallent to craft his immigration amnesty policies. Now Breitbart News senior political reporter Matt Boyle revealed on Breitbart News Saturday, Sirius XM Patriot radio, that Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush is recruiting Tallent to help him shape his immigration strategy.

Breitbart Executive News Chairman and host of the show, Stephen K. Bannon, asked Boyle if he thinks Tallent will stay with the Speaker to “spread her radical open borders poison up on Capitol Hill” or take her talents to the Bush camp?

Boyle said that, when he exposed on Friday that Jeb Bush has been in job talks with Tallent, Boehner’s office came out and denied the story. The Speaker’s Communication Director, Michael Steel, went on Twitter to say that it was untrue. “Then a couple hours later, we get a call from a Jeb Bush spokeswoman saying, yes, in fact we are talking with her,” Boyle laughed.

Bannon asked why doesn’t the Speaker fire Steel for lying, which prompted Boyle to retort, “Because that is his job.” Boyle explained that Boehner is a “master in the art of deception,” so the fact that his chief spokesman lies for him doesn’t surprise Boyle.

“Every big piece of legislation Boehner’s pushed through, he’s lied to the members of the Republican conference. They tell them there are things in it that aren’t in it. There is legislation that members aren’t allowed to read before they vote on it… Out of the Speaker’s office it is normal to engage in deception,” exhorted the Breitbart writer. “It is the new normal in Boehner’s office, and everyone of his staffers is expected to be just like him. That’s why Michael Steel continues to be employed by Speaker Boehner.”

Boyle went on to explain that Steel’s tactics include sharing untrue information with reporters, telling them that he is speaking off the record. By phrasing his statements in that manner, reporters are duped into thinking that what he is saying is true. Moreover, Steel calls for secret meetings and engages in deception on Boehner’s behalf. Boyle thinks that it would be best for him to make all his communications with the media public.

Boyle referred to the tug-of-war between Bush and Boehner over Becky Tallent as RINO (Republican In Name Only) on RINO violence. The fact that the struggle is so intense, observes Boyle, “just shows how influential she is.” Becky Tallent, according to Boyle, “believes that American workers can’t, and shouldn’t, and won’t do the jobs that exist in this country. She believes in wide open borders, we should import cheap labor from around the world to do the jobs of the truck drivers, factory workers, and all blue collar workers.”

In addition, he stated that Tallent is in favor of extending H1-B visas to highly skilled STEM workers from China, India, and elsewhere, creating cheaper labor for hi-tech jobs. All of this happens to be Bush’s viewpoint as well.