Jon Huntsman Praises Jeb for Hiring Ex-Aide as Comms Director

Jon Hunstsman AP
Associated Press

Failed 2012 GOP presidential candidate and former Utah Governor praised his former communications aide whom former Florida Governor Jeb Bush hired to direct his communications efforts.

The Wall Street Journal first reported on Friday that Tim Miller will be Bush’s communications director once Bush formally enters the 2016 contest.

Miller worked for John McCain’s campaign in 2008 and Huntsman in 2012. Both of those candidates largely viewed the mainstream press as their base and ran campaigns that tried to satisfy the mainstream media elite rather than conservative voters. Bush, like Huntsman and McCain, seems allergic to throwing out red meat to conservatives and more comfortable at Aspen or No Labels events. Miller’s familiarity with the establishment world, mainstream media elite, and the bipartisan permanent political class that obsess over trivial tactics, minutiae, and process while mistaking activity for achievement won’t help Bush win over more conservatives. But he could be effective in helping Bush clear out the establishment side of the bracket.

After a stint in communications at the Republican National Committee (RNC) during the 2012 presidential election, Miller became the executive director of America Rising, an upstart opposition research group that has made life particularly miserable for the Clintons. His encyclopedic knowledge of Clinton’s vulnerabilities and savvy on social media will help Bush if he overcomes the fierce opposition to pro-amnesty and pro-Common Core views to win the nomination and face Clinton in the general.

During the 2012 presidential campaign, Miller and RNC Communications guru Sean Spicer were often more effective in making the case for Mitt Romney and criticizing Obama than Romney’s mechanical campaign and communications team.

No word on whether Bush will force Miller to cheer for the Florida Gators when they play LSU.