VIDEO: Female Clerk Takes Suspect’s Gun, Shoots and Beats Him

Surveillance Camera
Surveillance Camera

On Friday, a female clerk at a Lexington, Kentucky tobacco shop took a firearm from a male robbery suspect, shot him, then beat him until he ran away.

According to WTVQ, Zara Adil was working at Discount Tobacco Zone when two men entered the shop, one of whom pulled a gun. The armed man demanded Adil empty the cash register, which she had begun doing when she “noticed the man put down the gun.”

She grabbed the gun and pointed it back at the man, telling the other suspect to run away or risk getting shot, so he fled. As Adil watched him go, the remaining suspect allegedly attacked her, so she shot him in the shoulder.

Adil then beat the man, who finally fled without getting one cent for all his trouble.

Lexington police see similarities between this robbery attempt and “15 others since January” and have issued a warrant for Darrell Thomas, Jr.

Adil said she fought back because she was “standing up for what’s right.”

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