EMILY’s List President Blasts Republicans: ‘Don’t Tell Me There’s No War On Women’

Emily's List President Stephanie Schriock.
File/AP Photo

President Stephanie Schriock of EMILY’s List blasted Republicans on Tuesday evening during a speech at the organization’s 30th Anniversary Gala in Washington D.C., accusing them for continuing their “war on women” even though they won a majority of Congressional seats in 2014.

“Shame, Shame on them, for trying to fool women, and shame on us is we let them get away with it,” she cried. “They don’t support women, they don’t trust women, they don’t respect women.”

Schriock mocked Republicans for going through rigorous media training on women’s issues in 2014 and selecting candidates that wouldn’t talk about rape, but urged women to be wary of the GOP’s tactics.

“Folks, make no mistake, this IS your father’s Republican party,” she said. “This is the exact same trans-vaginal ultrasound, all white guy committee chair, aspirin between your knees, Republican party we’ve been fighting for 30 years.”

The “war on women,” she insisted, was in full swing, pointing out that as soon as Republicans won majorities in Congress they tried to pass pro-life legislation.

“Don’t tell me that there’s no war on women, and don’t bother asking for a truce,” she said. “We didn’t start this fight, but mark my words, we’re going to win it.”