Hispanic Conservative Previews Blockbuster Spanish Language Newspaper At CPAC

Deb Leticia Gordils, chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Illinois, was interviewed by Breitbart News Network at the Conservative Political Action Conference last week about her successful Spanish language conservative newspaper El Sueno Americano.

“The litmus test for whether or not this was going to be a successful paper was whether of not Hispanics-Latinos would vote for the Republican Party. We did an exit poll in January and recently got back the results that 100 percent of our readership, of the 2,500 people surveyed, voted Democrat in 2012, and 50.21 percent voted Republican in 2014. [Those are] crazy numbers. In our wildest dreams we never thought we would get more than 20 percent of our readers to agree with us, to shared valued and therefor come out and vote center-to-the-right, but they did.”

Those who would express interest in distributing the paper should contact Deb Leticia Gordils on Facebook.

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