Lena Dunham Addresses EMILY’s List Gala… Via Video


Fresh off of her purchase of a $2.7 million home in Los Angeles, actress and author Lena Dunham addressed the EMILY’s List 30th Anniversary Gala in Washington, D.C. via video.

“Good day to you,” she said in the video, framing her face with her hands. “Yeah you. You who are committed to changing the world by electing more pro-choice Democratic women who will fight for our rights.”

“Whew. That was a mouthful,” she continued, before introducing herself as “Lena D., as I’m called in my neighborhood.”

Dunham admitted that she was often asked to speak on behalf of “young people” which was “totally insane.”

“Forcing me to speak for all young people is actually more like making the one woman in the room offer the women’s perspective every single meeting she attends – which happens a lot,” she said, perched on a couch with embroidered pillows.

Dunham assured the audience that what young people want most is to be heard on issues they care about, such as abortion and free contraception for women.

Speaking to young people who were looking to get into the political arena, Dunham urged them to start donating money to groups they care about.

“Why don’t you make it to EMILY’s List?” she asked. “Elizabeth Warren did.”

Dunham encouraged everyone to use their smart phones to visit the EMILY’s List website and donate to the organization.

“When we all get together we can change the face of power, and maybe, just maybe, it won’t have a full beard,” she said.

Dunham has maintained a relationship with the pro-abortion organization, even using her book tour to promote candidates endorsed by EMILY’s List before it was interrupted.

She has also used social media to promote membership for the organization.