Report: More Deported Immigrants Illegally Returning To The U.S.

Associated Press
Associated Press

Many previously deported criminal and illegal immigrants have illegally returned to the United States, according to a new report.

In 2012 at least 409,849 illegal immigrants were deported. However during that same time frame, more than 160,000 previously deported foreign nationals illegally reentered the U.S., a McClatchy report reveals.

Further, over the past three years, immigration experts tell McClatchy that about the same number of foreign nationals deported in 2012 have illegally returned.

“In recent years, the figure of apprehensions of aliens who were previously deported has hovered at around 25 percent of the total of apprehensions,” Dan Cadman, an immigration official and expert at the Center for Immigration Studies, explained in the report.

According to McClatchy, since 2009, federal prosecutors have filed criminal cases against about 19,000 previously deported illegal immigrants for reentry violations but represent only a fraction of the total previously deported illegal population.

In a statement to McClatchy Immigration and Customs Enforcement reiterated its commitment to the administration’s enfacement priorities.

”ICE is focused on effective immigration enforcement that prioritizes threats to national security and public safety. Criminal re-entrants remain a priority target for immigration enforcement and criminal prosecution as appropriate,” the agency responded.