Politico’s Roger Simon: Secrecy to ‘Special Victim’ Hillary ‘What Sex Was to Bill’

Hillary Clinton tops most admired list for 13th straight year
In a scathing Tuesday column, Roger Simon, Politico’s chief political columnist, compared Hillary Clinton’s secrecy addiction to Bill Clinton’s insatiable sexual appetite.
“Secrecy is to Hillary Clinton what sex was to Bill,” Simon wrote. “She has to have it. She doesn’t care if it is wise. She doesn’t care if it does more harm than good. And enjoyment doesn’t enter into it.”
Simon notes that Hillary “has been secretive for much of her political life, which is one reason that many people still have no clear idea who she really is.”
At some point in the past, Bill probably realized that his fooling around was going to hurt him, his family and his country,” Simon wrote. “But that didn’t make it any easier for him to stop.” It’s the same thing with secrecy. After awhile, you don’t even realize it’s an addiction.”
Simon said that though “there is much about Hillary Clinton to admire,” there “also is much to look at and ask: ‘Who the hell does she think she is?'”
He pointed out that in “Hillary’s world, everybody is out to get her. Which is why she surrounds herself with ultra-loyalists, people who believe, as she does, that she is entitled to special behavior and special treatment because she is a special victim.”
“Hillary’s inner circle was once called Hillaryland,” he reminds readers “It was known for two things: absolute allegiance and total secrecy.”
Clinton is scheduled to address the scandal Tuesday afternoon after giving a United Nations address on women’s rights, and Simon offered up the many questions to which Clinton will probably not give straight answers:
Why did she do this? We don’t know.
Who actually set up the account? We don’t know.
Was the person who set it up an expert on cybersecurity? We don’t know that, either.
Hillary had to have been aware of the global threat of email hacking, identity theft and other cybercrimes.
She also had to have been aware that foreign governments and their agencies, such as the Chinese army, had been implicated in such crimes.
And she was not exactly Ms. Nobody. She was the newly named United States secretary of state.
And keep in mind she apparently used this account for every email she sent and received when she was secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.
When she left office, she took all the emails with her, as if they were her private property.
Does that make sense to you?
If it does, your name is probably hdr22.
Read Simon’s full column here.