Arizona Senate Passes Gun Control Nullification 17-12

AP Photo/Mike Groll
AP Photo/Mike Groll

On March 11, the Arizona Senate passed Senator Kelli Ward’s (R-Lake Havasu City) nullification bill by a vote of 17-12.

Ward’s bill, SB1330, prohibits the state or agents of the state from enforcing—”or even assisting in the enforcement of”—any new federal gun control laws.

On March 10, Breitbart News reported that SB1330 had gained initial approval before the Arizona Senate. And now that it passed its final reading on March 11, it is headed to the House for debate and a vote.

The Tenth Amendment Center reports that Ward’s bill is “in harmony with recently amended article 2, Section 3 of the Arizona Constitution, also known as Proposition 122.” The purpose of that proposition was to “enshrine a process to refuse state corporation with unconstitutional federal acts.”

Alaska, Kansas, and Idaho have enacted nullification laws, and legislators in Montana and Florida are pushing similar legislation in their states.

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