Former White House Advisor Trashes ‘Terrible’ TV Show ‘House of Cards’

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, File
AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, File

Former White House senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer had tough criticism for the Netflix political drama “House of Cards,” calling it a “terrible” television show after watching the third season.

“I would say that House of Cards is an accurate of a depiction of Washington as the Walking Dead is of life in suburban Atlanta,” he said during a podcast interview with Grantland.

The show debuted to rave reviews in Washington D.C. But now that it is in a third season, jaded staffers inside the Beltway are already fed up with the show’s fuzzy plots.

“I don’t really understand why I watch “House of Cards” … because it is terrible,” Pfeiffer admitted, calling it “weirdly entertaining.”

“I don’t understand why it’s entertaining, it has these weird like side plots that I’m totally bored by and don’t understand why we’re doing them, why I’m watching it,” he said.

Pfeiffer said that he enjoyed the first season, watched the second season, and thought the third season was terrible.

He concluded that perhaps part of the reason he continued to watch the show was because of “great” performances from actors Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

HBO’s Veep, another show about national politics is more accurate, Pfeiffer explained, insofar as the show “gets at the core absurdity of Washington.”

He pointed to the wedding scene in Veep as an accurate depiction of how people in Washington were addicted to their BlackBerrys, admitting that people sneak their smart phones into events — including funerals.

“It’s super sad and embarrassing. I’ve participated in that many times in my life, but that’s like, if you know Washington, like it hits exactly home,” he said.