Cops in Ferguson ‘Accidentally’ Shot

AP / St. Louis County Police Department
AP / St. Louis County Police Department

Twenty-year-old suspect, Jeffrey Williams, who was arrested for shooting two police officers outside of the Ferguson, Missouri, police station during a recent protest, is crying foul, and has said through his attorney that he did not intentionally shoot the police officers, according to Fox News.

Williams’ attorney Jerryl Christmas, is thinking that the annual holiday of giving of gifts will come early for his client, after stating that “those officers were accidentally shot,” after his client told police that he was aiming at someone else, not at demonstrators or police.

Check the box for this being one of the dumbest excuses ever stated for trying to get out of a felony charge for shooting a law enforcement officer.

Christmas also said that during his arrest, Williams suffered bruises to his upper body and head at the hands of police.

Of course, police officials deny any brutality and stated that the suspect was seen and cleared by a nurse during his arrest process at the county jail.

So what do we take away from all of this?

Williams admits to trying to shoot “someone” but “accidentally” managed to shoot two police officers.

This is laughable. This guy’s life is over. Lock him up and throw away the key.