Rand Paul: ‘Hillary Should Give Back Donations from Saudi Arabia’

Andrew A. Nelles/AP
Andrew A. Nelles/AP

On Saturday, Sen. Rand Paul said that Hillary Clinton should give back the donations that the Clinton Foundation received from Saudi Arabia because of their horrendous record of abuse toward women.

The senator from Kentucky, appearing on Breitbart News Saturday on Sirius XM Patriot radio channel 125, told guest host Breitbart senior political reporter, Matthew Boyle, that in one particular case a young Saudi women was gang-raped by seven men, and when she went to the police to report the crime, they arrested her and gave her 90 lashes in a public whipping.

“That kind of activity is just so disturbing,” said Paul, “I can’t imagine that Hillary Clinton is accepting money from this country.” Senator Paul predicts that many questions will need to be answered by former Secretary of State Clinton about how she used the Clinton Foundation, as the country draws closer to the 2016 presidential election.

“Are they using it in any personal way? Are they using it to pay their expenses? What does the foundation own and what are its assets? Who gets to use them? And who are employed by them?” are the types of inquires that need to be addressed, suggested Paul. He added that the foundation has an “unseemly connection with foreign countries. They took millions from Brunei, which is a country where women don’t vote, don’t sit on juries, and in the case of adultery, the punishment is death by stoning.”

Paul says that he finds it “incredibly hypocritical” that a woman who wants “to be the leader of this country and champion women’s rights is accepting money from countries that are the worst abusers of women’s rights in the world.”

Boyle switched gears and reminded the senator of a previous interview he conducted with him, in which Rand said that Hillary Clinton broke the law regarding her jettisoning thousands of emails and maintaining a private computer server at her home in Chappaqua. The senator explained that when Clinton became the secretary of state, she should have signed an agreement that government records will be kept by government officials.

Additionally, the senator postulated that Clinton’s effort to explain away her use of private emails as a way for her to use only one cell phone doesn’t make sense. Paul quipped that “she needs to get with the 21st Century, you can put two email accounts on one phone.”  Clinton’s assertion that she did this for convenience seems incredible to the senator. “I don’t think convenience should trump national security,” he said.

Paul disputed Clinton’s claim that she never sent any classified information. He pointed out that her calendar is classified “for her own protection and for the protection of those who protect her.” All conversations she may have had with the president “if not classified, are very sensitive at the least,” the potential 2016 presidential candidate stated.

Paul told the Breitbart senior writer that  he expects to be making a decision in the next few weeks as to whether he will be tossing his hat into the presidential ring for 2016. He has been traveling the country speaking not only to conservatives, but to young people at UC Berkeley and Austin Texas at the South by South West festival, spreading the message of the 4th Amendment. Paul feels that young people and Democrats understand that the protection of their privacy is important. They connect with the notion that their phone records should be private and “the government shouldn’t be rifling through them at their own discretion.”

Boyle moved to a different topic, asking the senator what he thought about the Common Core educational system favored by liberals and establishment Republicans like 2016 presidential hopeful and former governor of Florida Jeb Bush. “I think we shouldn’t have a national school curriculum,” Paul said.

“The potential for bias entering into the curriculum is great. I’m not much of a fan of a department of education.” Paul added that he would like to eliminate the department of education, and he is not in favor of “more people in Washington telling us what to do with education.”

Paul concluded the interview by agreeing with Boyle that there is disdain across the country for the permanent political class. He believes that one way to solve the problem is by instituting a constitutional amendment to establish term limits.