Breitbart Executive Chairman Steve Bannon: Glenn Beck is Right in His Bill of Indictment of the GOP

Gage Skidmore / Flickr
Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Breitbart Executive Chairman Steve Bannon says Glenn Beck is correct in his bill of particulars indicting the GOP.

Bannon spoke on Sirius XM’s “Breitbart News Sunday” radio program, during his interview of Breitbart contributor Michael Patrick Leahy. Leahy wrote an article Sunday which showed most conservatives support Glenn Beck’s recent counter attack on Karl Rove and the Republican establishment.

“When you go through his [Beck’s] bill of indictment…it’s pretty solid,” Bannon told Leahy.

“You finish reading this thing, you go, I kind of agree with this guy,” Bannon added.

“Some of the things that Glenn Beck said [were devastating to the GOP],” Bannon said.

“You see them going after and attacking Mike Lee. You have Orrin Hatch trying to find a candidate to run against Mike Lee because Mike Lee is a big reformer,” Bannon noted.

“You see them disrespect and really go after Ted Cruz at every opportunity.”

Bannon pointed out that Beck “talked abut the cromnibus [budget bill], he talked about executive amnesty, he talked about Common Core.”

“He [Beck] had a litany,” Bannon noted, “his bill of indictment, when you read it….. when you put it all together, you really can see how devastating this is.”

(You can hear the interview here:)

Leahy noted that most conservatives strongly agree with Beck’s critique, though they are perplexed about Beck’s departure from the GOP.

Bannon asked if conservatives were ready to bolt the Republican Party in 2016.

Leahy, one of the early organizers of the Tea Party movement, said that he was certain Tea Party activists would launch a third party effort if the Republicans nominate Jeb Bush in June 2016. The only question is how successful such an effort might be.

Leahy pointed to the organizational problems of Ross Perot in 92 and 96 as an indication of the daunting task starting a major third party from scratch is.

Both Leahy and Bannon concluded the interview in agreement. Rove, they said, made a huge mistake picking a fight with Beck at a time when Beck had, in effect, temporarily removed himself from the public debate with his announcement earlier in the week he was leaving the Republican Party.