Conservatives Battle Over Ted Cruz’s Electability

washington, DC

Conservatives may be split on the electability of Ted Cruz. But if this is the best Cruz critic and Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer can do – “we already tried a first-term senator” – the Texas senator may be looking good.

Someone needs to point out to Krauthammer that the current occupant of the White House, Barack Obama, served in the Senate about three whole years.

As the Examiner points out, popular conservative radio host Mark Levin responded directly to Krauthammer via social media:

Levin, on Twitter, wrote: “Krauthammer, who voted for Carter and Mondale over Reagan, tells conservatives what’s wrong with Cruz.” Krauthammer wrote speeches for former Vice President Walter Mondale in 1980, the year he and former President Jimmy Carter ran for re-election and were soundly defeated by Ronald Reagan.

“I’m a big fan. He’s a very bright and thoughtful guy,” assured Levin to Secrets about Krauthammer.

“But there’s an irony here. Somehow he missed the entire Reagan Revolution. So I’m not particularly overwhelmed by his repeated dissing of conservative outsiders like Cruz. He’s not alone in this regard,” he added.

Levin also responded directly to the Examiner’s Paul Bedard.

“It’s way too early for this kind of pre-emptive strike against the first guy in, the newcomer,” he told Secrets. “It isn’t insightful or helpful.”