Valerie Jarrett Defends Hillary: ‘Everybody Has A Gmail’

Valerie Jarrett/AP File Photo

As part of her nationwide tour, White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett appeared on “The View” today to promote mandatory paid time leave for American workers.

During the show, however, she was asked about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails.

“Everybody has a private email address, everybody has a Gmail,” Jarrett protested after she was grilled on the issue by co-host Nicolle Wallace, a moderate Republican.

Jarrett quickly pivoted, describing Clinton as “an outstanding secretary of state.”

“I worked with her on issues that were important to women and girls,” she said as the audience applauded. Jarrett also praised Clinton for being a “champion” on women’s issues since her time as First Lady.

“I think we should really put the focus on that,” she said. “She’s now talking about paid leave and workplace flexibility and all the issues that have been important as a working mom and for the working moms in the audience, you know how important those issues are to you.”