Rubio Readies For 2016 Announcement In Florida

Marco Rubio
Gage Skidmore

Sen. Marco Rubio appears ready to make his plans for 2016 official next month, and according to a report from the Tampa Bay Times has already reserved space at the Freedom Tower in Miami for an April 13 event.

While a decision isn’t official, Rubio appears to be setting the stage for a major announcement in Miami about his plans for 2016 after traveling for a series of political events in important primary states including a book tour.

Rubio is expected to comment on the news during an guest appearance on the Fox News show “The Five” this afternoon.

The Freedom Tower, according to the Tampa Bay Times, is “one of several venues under consideration by Rubio” for the day’s events.

After making his intentions clear in Florida, Rubio will travel to New Hampshire for the First In The Nation Republican Leadership Summit on April 17-18 where he will deliver a keynote dinner speech.

Rubio has made it clear that he he will not run for president and for re-election to his Senate seat, as Florida law prevents one person from running for two different offices.