14 Photos Of John Kerry Looking For A Nuclear Deal With Iran

John Kerry
AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

On Wednesday, Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Switzerland to look for a nuclear deal with Iran. But in spite of the marathon talks and even a missed deadline, the former failed presidential candidate is still coming up empty.

Here are 14 photos of Kerry still looking for his elusive deal.
1. I’m. Here. For. A. Deal.

2. I’m confident we can do this.

3. You ready for a deal?

4. One thumb up!

5. Time to make a deal!

6. Am I the only one here looking for a deal?

7. This is hard.

8. Dammit.

9. Has anyone seen a deal out here?

10. Anyone?

11. I think I left my deal under one of these chairs…

12. Let’s check the bushes.

13. Dear Lord. If you’re up there. Please.

14. Please help me get a deal.

All photos via the Associated Press