Gov. Scott Walker to Americans: Tell Obama to Walk Away from Iran Deal

AP Photo/Cliff Owen
AP Photo/Cliff Owen
Washington, DC

Gov. Scott Walker, a possible 2016 presidential candidate, is calling for Americans to join him in telling President Obama to walk away from the negotiations with Iran because it’s a bad deal, will not keep Americans safe, and will endanger key allies.

He said, “These negotiations often seem highly technical, but it is important to remember why they affect the safety of all Americans.”

Walker posted an online message on Facebook for Americans to deliver a strong message to President Obama – walk away from Iran.

The deadline for reaching an agreement with Iran passed Tuesday. The Obama Administration granted another extension for the talks, but according to Walker, there are new reports that officials are granting concessions to Iran that are substantial enough to harm American allies like Israel.

Walker warned that President Obama’s deal could provoke a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, one of the most volatile areas of the world, causing more terrorism and aggression toward allies and America’s homeland.

“Look at the worsening conflicts in Yemen and Syria, and just imagine if nuclear weapons were added to the mix. If Iran acquires nuclear weapons, it will take greater risks in the region and internationally.”

“I hope the president listens to us,” added Walker.